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What to expect from us...

• We’re trained on the best practices for hygiene, sanitation & food safety


• We wash & sanitize our hands before starting work & at least once every 30 minutes throughout our day


• We perpetually wear masks & gloves (& change when necessary!)


• We never come to work if feeling sick & we’ve expanded our sick leave policy


• We disinfect & sanitize all surfaces in our kitchen and dining rooms throughout the day


• We thoroughly sanitize all tables & chairs before & after each use


• We strategically & thoughtfully seat all groups at least 6 feet apart


What we expect from you...

• When we approach your table, please wear your mask

• Please don't move the furniture

• Please wear a mask when getting up from your chair

• When the restroom calls, please wear a mask and wash your hands

•  We have to limit your time with us to 90 minutes, we have limited tables and want

to be far to all the customers who want to dine with us​

• Enjoy your dinner and please tip your server

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